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Why do business with Machine Safety Specialists?

Machine Safety Specialists
  • Working with OSHA issues since 1977,
  • coupled with a strong background in machine controls, instrumentation and training since 1981,
  • equals 60+ years of experience that can help your company overcome many obstacles when it comes to machine guarding and plant safety.


How We Can Help:

We understand that many companies simply do not know where to start with machine guarding.
It can be overwhelming!

Let us show you how it can be done-- the right way. We are machine safety consultants, we don't sell machine guarding products and we don't install machine guarding products.

But, we do know where to find proper devices, we know the proper ways to install them, and we know how to use them.

Talk with us regarding our recommendations for your projects.

If you have a preferred supplier, let us know, we will work with them to produce the results you need.

Problem Solving

Do you need help with OSHA-mandated
machine guarding?
Do you know about the increased
need for Risk Assessment?
Do OSHA requirements for Lockout/Tagout
cause production issues?
Is the requirement for Control Reliability
causing problems?

We know machine guarding.
We have helped many companies develop their own Risk Assessment programs.
We know how to do it.
Lockout/Tagout Programs giving you fits?
Let us help.

We work with Safety Managers, Controls Engineers and Plant Managers to ensure that:
  • employees are safe -
  • safety systems really do work and -
  • your company can reliably make products.
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