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ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999

Full Title:
for Industrial Robots and Robot Systems —Safety Requirements

RIA 15.06 was radically updated in 1999 and established major changes in machine guarding in the US.

Although specifically for robots and robotic systems, many companies adopted RIA 15.06 because for the first time in the US the following issues were addressed in an understandable document:

  1. A US-developed risk assessment model, with 7 defined levels (R4-R1).
  2. (There are some A’s, B’s and C’s).
  3. A better definition of Control Reliability than previously used by ANSI.
  4. New distance calculations based on approach (horizontal or vertical placement).
  5. Provision for use of Safety-rated PLC’s and Safety Controllers. Eventually these devices will come under the label of Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) in future standards.

This standard is worth reading even if you are not using robots because it establishes so much of the current definitions and aspects of machine safety.

All safety distances established in this standard are further employed in ANSI B11.19-2010.

Typically U.S. consensus standards are revised every 5 years.

It has been stated that RIA 15.06 has not been recently updated in order to try and become more harmonized with IEC standards that will soon be released.

RIA 15.06 is not as dramatically important as it was in 1999, but it is still a valuable document.

If you are using robots or robotic systems, using this standard is mandatory.

All robots and robotic systems should be in compliance with this standard as of 2002.

RIA 15.06 was markedly changed in 2012. RIA 15.06 is now essentially harmonized with ISO 10218.  This reperesents a monumental change in this standard and reflects the intention of all U.S., IEC, and  ISO to be essentially identical. The risk assessment method introduced in the 1999 version has been eliminated.  ISO 10218 refers to a ISO-12100 for risk assessment.

If you have questions regarding RIA 15.06-1999, contact us for help.

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